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We specialize in the landscape lighting and professional illumination of up scale developments, custom homes, resorts and commercial properties. Our expertise can be an invaluable service that can be tailored to meet the specifics of any job. We provide a complete turnkey system including design, and installation, and we can act as your consultant in all phases of illumination from landscape and garden lighting, to commercial Landscape lighting, to pedestrian walk ways to entrance identification and bring to the table the needed experience and knowledge to get the job done within defined budgets.

Professionally planned landscape lighting is vitally important to the total plan and beautification of the property. Security, low maintenance, economy of operation, and enhancement of the landscape lighting at night must be part of the thought process when residential landscape lighting design is considered.

Our philosophies are to let you see what you want illuminated, not the equipment we use or how we do it. We go to great lengths to conceal the source of the light. Knowing which type of light to use on a particular type of material and the reflectivity of that material determines the type of light we use, in our landscape lighting designs.

Proper placement of the equipment is an important part of the process. The overall color coordination of street lights, walls, and signs, needs to be thought through in the design and implementation stages.

Coordinating the reflective nature of the softscape and hardscapes with the right color of light will make a major difference in how your property presents itself at night. In this website we will be providing you with lots of useful information on how Landscape Lighting Designs LLC has been an integral part of some of the most recognizable projects in the US and how we can help you or your company make your landscape look it's best at night time.

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